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Adhering to the virtual “shelter in place” mandate, Beverly Lanes—and all other bowling centers in Illinois and states with similar mandates—must remain closed for the time being. We will reopen on Wednesday April 8, unless there is a further extension to the mandate.

Obviously this disrupts the 2019-20 season for all our leagues. We will seek to be in touch with our league officers, especially as a reopen date becomes more definite, regarding rescheduling missed league dates. We will be happy to accommodate any league’s decision to extend their schedules to completion or as long as desired.

League officers and all others may reach us by email, bowl@beverlylanes.com, with any questions in the interim. We will also periodically check voice mails coming into our, sadly, very quiet bowling center.

Along with the consequences for our business, COVID 19 has virtually shut down the American Game of Tenpins for the first time since its development in late 1800s. Only the lucky few who have a full scale bowling lane in their home have access to our sport. We look forward to a surge of activity when we reopen from those who miss the challenge, fun and camaraderie the sport offers.

Thank you,

The Staff at Beverly Lanes



Improve Your Game

For more than ten years Lyle Zikes, a silver certified instructor by USA Bowling, has been offering Instructional Workout Sessions weekly at Beverly Lanes. These sessions are held:

  • Thursday Afternoons: 3PM to 5PM

Anyone may attend these sessions for a total cost of $15. During the course of the session your game will be videotaped and analyzed.
Bowlers in these sessions range from beginners to members of the Professional Bowlers Association. Regardless of your experience level, the instruction is personalized to your situation.

If those times are not convenient, or you prefer a strictly private session, contact USA Bowling certified coach Chuck Halfpap at Beverly Lanes 847-253-5238. He also uses videotape to enforce the message of his lessons.

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